Monday, October 8, 2018

Where to make money online Testing Websites

Web testing is the process of checking a website or web application thoroughly before it is launched to the public or once it is live on the web.
Web testing is performed to find problems, such as bugs or any other issues that may affect negatively the website or web application. With web testing, you can be able to find areas that need improvement and hence make the overall results from the website or web application better.
To help perform tests on websites or web applications, testing companies hire freelancers to perform specific tests on websites/web applications and provide a feedback.
We look at some of the best website testing companies that you can work for and make extra money online as a website tester.
Where to work online testing websites

With TryMyUI you can make $10 for each successfully taken test, a typical test lasts 15 -20 minutes. It is simple to apply, after sign up, you are given a sample test, if you are successful, you’ll start getting invitations for new tests via email.
There is no limit to the number of tests you can do on this platform, but you have to be invited to be able to do the tests. Payments are made via PayPal. Tests are cleared for payments after being reviewed and accepted by graders.

Testing Time
Testing Time provides an opportunity to earn up to €50 per hour testing websites. It will take you very short time to sign up and complete your profile, note, they use your profile to match with test projects, so ensure you complete up the profile with the relevant details. If your profile fits a project, you’ll get an email invitation. You can either choose to participate or not. You pick on time that fit your schedule to complete a test project. Note, opportunities are awarded on first come first served basis, to avoid missing out on new test opportunities check your email regularly for test invitations and respond as quickly as possible.
Once you complete a test, you will get paid within 10 days via PayPal.

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Startuplift provides a platform where you visit websites, complete assigned tasks, and then share your thoughts through a well written responses. They pay $5 for every feedback that is accepted. Payments are made via PayPal.

uTest hires people online to perform website, software and apps tests. They hire freelancers worldwide to help them test web, desktop and mobile applications. Anyone can join this platform; you don’t need to have prior experience to register with uTest.
When you join the platform, you will be invited automatically into the sandbox program. If you perform well in the sandbox program, you stand a high chance of getting many invitations for new tests.
uTest pays for each bug you identify and is approved. You are also paid for test cases, surveys and other types of test cycles. Each test cycles pays a different amount and also it depends on our test rating. Gold, Silver and Bronze rated testers earn more than a new tester. The more tests you perform, the higher your move in the rank, hence more pay for your completed tests.
Normally each test ranges between $10 to $50. Payments are made via PayPal or Payoneer

Userlytics hires testers to review websites for various companies worldwide.  You can review a website using your personal computer or a mobile device. While reviewing, you use Userlytics software to record your voice and computer screen. Each website review has a different set of guidelines on what you are supposed to do. After registering and setting up your account, you are sent tests invitations via email.
You get paid $10 for each website you test, but this amount maybe more. Payments are made via PayPal for the tests reviewed and approved by the clients.

User Testing
User Testing hires freelancers to perform specific tests tasks on websites.  Testers get paid $10 for each completed test. A test consists of a 20 minute recording and answers to four follow up written questions.
When you sign up, you are given a sample test. If your sample test is approved you start receiving email invitations on new test opportunities. Normally new tests are posted daily. You will need to have a PC or Mac plus a Microphone to be able to perform tests. Additional your computer devices must meet additional requirements like having the current browsers to able to work on this platform. The full details are provided on their website. You are also required to to download and install the screen recorder onto your computer before you starting testing out websites. 
Payments are made via PayPal  for tests successfully completed.

Monday, October 1, 2018

5 Best Sites offering Transcription jobs online

Transcription service is a business which converts speech either live or recorded into a written or electronic text document. With a good command of English language and fast typing speed, you can earn reasonable income, transcribing files online. We have many sites online offering transcription jobs but you have to consider several factors when choosing which ones to work with. Key among the factors is the payment per audio hour of transcription work.
5 best sites offering transcription jobs

I have picked some of the best sites where you can work as a transcriber although we have many others that I haven’t mentioned but offer quality services to transcribers too.

Scribie offers people an opportunity to earn an income by transcribing audio files. The work involves listening to audio files and typing it as accurately as possible. To get started you apply, then do a transcription test, after which, if successful, you are certified as a transcriber. Once you are certified, you get paid for the files you transcribe on an Audio hour basis.
They have simple requirements you need to meet to work with them:
  • Good Comprehension
  • A verified  PayPal account
  • Laptop/Desktop computer
  • Latest version of Firefox, chrome or safari web browsers
They pay $5 - $25 per audio hour and an additional bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed each month.
The earnings are credited to your Scribie account once your submission is reviewed. You can withdraw to your PayPal account anytime. There is no minimum withdrawal limit. You have to submit a withdrawal request. Funds are then sent to your PayPal account in 1 business day.

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TranscribeMe accepts transcribers from all parts of the world. To apply you need:
  • Have a strong control of English language
  • Have the necessary tools like the computer, with a good and reliable Internet connection, in addition, your PC should have Google Chrome web browser.

They pay $20 - $50 per an audio hour. This money is credited to your account and paid weekly via PayPal

Quickstate transcribes voicemail messages, letters, memos, legal files etc.
Quicktate doesn’t require professional experience to apply. They need people with good command of English Language i.e. punctuation/grammar. To get started, you fill their online application form. There is a quiz you will also take, and if successful, your account will be approved. They pay via PayPal weekly.

Verbalink is also a great site that offers transcription work. They haven’t indicated how much they pay per transcriber on their website. To apply you send your Resume plus cover letter to, they don’t have much requirements to join their transcription program, but on their site, they indicate:
You have to a good knowledge of Email and Microsoft word and they also, require transcriptionists to have specialized transcription software and Foot pedal.

AppenScribe puts more focus on hiring newbie transcribers from all parts of the world. Note, they also other jobs like Translation, linguistics, and web search evaluation.  
New applicants must undergo tests to qualify them to work for Appenscribe.
Like any other transcription site, you need to have the necessary tools for setting up your home office. These equipment includes:
  • Computer with good Internet Connection
  • High quality headset
  • Foot pedal

Besides the above tools, you need to be proficient in English.
According to their website, they pay $10 per audio hour. Your ability to type quickly and the quality of your work will determine the amount of money you make on this site.
AppenScribe doesn’t have a minimum payment threshold; they pay every week via PayPal You have to make a withdraw request, and payments are made within 7 days after making the request.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Top 5 Sites that will pay you to write online

We have different ways to make money online, and writing is one of them. If you establish yourself as a writer, then you have amazing and big opportunities waiting for you to earn money writing online.

There are so many websites accepting both free and paid posts online, with a click of a mouse; you can find countless sites online through web search but you need to be careful, as some of them may be scam sites, the best way to do this, is to look for reviews or ask recommendations from fellow established writers or bloggers.
top 5 sites that will pay to write online

I have compiled 5 top sites that pay writes online to help you get started:

Listverse pays $100 per each submitted and approved list. A list must have at least 10 items, must be original and something that readers would love. Here, your articles can have an exposure to millions of readers monthly, so if you want to get your name out there as a writer, a blogger etc. and at the same time earn money doing so, then this is a good site for you. Please note that, you must have a PayPal account to work with Listverse.

Get Paid to blog online, join here.

Entelligent is a website for the smart investors interested in energy industry, environmental, social and governance investing and energy trading.
They are seeking for contributors, bloggers, journalists, business analysts, and scientists. If your article is accepted and published, you are paid $180.
If this is an area you are passionate about, and ready to write, then this is the site for you.

With Moneypantry, you can earn upto $150 per post. They are looking for writers with some unusual, interesting, and practical ideas for earning and saving money. They look for stories with numbers, effective strategies and tips. They welcome anyone ready to contribute.

Transitions Abroad
Transitions Abroad pays writers up to $150 to write articles on travel advice, adventures and experiences. They look for articles that can inspire other people to travel too. They are looking for experienced writers as well as freelancers just beginning their travel writing careers.

The dollar stretcher
The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications dedicated to living a better life for less. The goal of this site is to provide readers with effective ways to help them save time and money. They also offer tips on how to make money at home.
They are looking for new ideas on how to save time and money. They pay $ 0.01 per published word. Before you submit a post, study their guidelines and read through some of the articles on the site.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Top 4 Sites offering online Data Entry Jobs

We have many people currently earning their livelihood working purely online. Getting the best, reliable and reputable websites that offers online work can be a challenging task especially when we have many scam websites being set up daily trying to steal money or personal data from people. Most people fall for these scams online, out lack of knowledge or failing to do enough research on some of these websites.
Top sites offering online data entry jobs
If you want to successfully work online, you need to start by looking for websites that have proven record of providing jobs, and actually paying for the work completed. Look for reviews online, or ask for recommendations from people working online. To help you access some of the best and trusted sites that are offering work online, I have compiled a list of top 4 sites, that you can register with, and start working online.

Clickworker is a worldwide company offering data entry, writing, research and translation jobs. These tasks are usually micro jobs. Clickworker acts a crowdsource market place for micro jobs. We have different tasks available to freelancers to choose from based on their qualifications. Normally we have assessments done to determine your performance during the registration process.

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Dataplus is a purely a data entry and document scanning company. Typically work at home data entry operators are paid as independent contractors on per task basis. The higher your typing speed, the more the money you make with this site.

Scribie is a transcription site. Transcription is the process of turning an audio or video file into a written text or script, these files maybe conversations, interviews etc.
Scribie deals mainly with audio files. If you have a good command of English Language, and have a computer with good Internet connection, then this is a good site to check out and apply as an online worker.

Diondatasolutions is a US based site providing data management services, which includes: Data entry, data conversion, document storage, scanning etc. They are open to anyone with basic computer skills and good typing speed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

4 Sites that will pay you to Chat

With a good Internet connection plus a smartphone, tablet or PC you can make money online from anywhere. Many people spend countless hours online chatting on social media sites but they don’t earn any money from it in fact they waste time doing it. What if I told you that you could make money just for chatting? Yes, there are sites offering online users a way to make extra dollars online just for chatting. 

Some of the tops sites include:
I have personally used MyLot and it is possible to earn some cash on the side chatting with other members on the platform. MyLot operates in similar manner to a social media site, where members meet; interact with each by answering questions asked by other members. The more you engage on the platform, the more money you make. They are open people from all parts of the world. They pay through PayPal when your balance reaches $5.

Apple is always looking for people to provide customer support to their range of products. If you are a person passionate about technology, and ready to help other people then this is a good platform for you.
You need to have good communication skills besides being tech savvy. They offer training to new members. If you are looking for a way to work from home, then this is a good site for you.

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Experts 123
Experts 123 pay professionals from all parts of the world to provide answers to questions on different topics. If you have expertise in a given field, then this is a good platform for you to join.

Bloggers are earning online just for writing for this here.

SiteStaff provides live chat for businesses. You can make money as a chat agent. All you need to get started is a PC and with a good Internet connection.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

3 Best Survey Sites to help you make money online

We have so many survey sites online and sometimes it is difficulty getting the right sites in order to avoid wasting your time or getting scammed.
Am going to discuss in details some of the 3 best and reputable survey sites, some of which I have worked with and proven to bring in the best results in terms earnings.
3 Best survey sites to help you make money online

SurveySavvy is one of the best sites doing market research for brands. With SurveySavvy, you get paid between $1-2 for completing surveys. This is a purely survey site, so you won’t see any other tasks other than surveys. Sometimes these surveys might be long and can take time to complete, therefore ensure you complete till the last stage to qualify for payment. Anyone can join SurveySavvy, but if you are from USA you have a high chance of getting frequent invitations to complete surveys as compared to members from other parts of the world.
SurveySavvy has a referral program to help you earn additional money online. They have a tiered referral program which means you not only earn from your direct referrals but also from the people invited by your referrals.
They have an App called SavvyConnect. With this App, they can be able to collect information based on the sites you visit and with this information; When you install this App on your Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop etc and activate it, you become a VIP member, note this is only for members from USA and UK. You get paid $5 (US) &  £5 UK monthly for each device where the app is installed and active.  With this they are able to provide you more specific/special surveys to complete. You also get expedited payments.
One thing I like about SurveySavvy is being able to request payment provided you have at least $1 on your account balance. At now, they only provide payment via checks.
If you aren’t a member yet, you can sign up here.

This site will pay you to blog online, join here.

PaidViewpoint is also another great market research network to help you earn additional money online. They are a purely a survey site. They pay per every successfully completed survey. The surveys normally take 5-6 minutes to complete. One good thing about survey savvy is being able to provide surveys almost on daily basis to its registered members. When you are a new member, you are invited to completed what we call, ‘’trait surveys’’, these helps to enhance your trust score and earning potential. They are simple but help to gauge your trust and the way you answer the questions. Once you increase your trust score, with a high trust score, you stand a high chance of earning better from the surveys you are invited to complete.
They have a referral program, where you can earn 20 % of what your referrals make by taking biz surveys and not trait surveys.
Once you accumulate at least $15, you can withdraw via PayPal.
Paidviewpoint is open to anyone to join. If you aren’t a member yet, you can register here.

Toluna is one of the most popular paid survey and marketing research companies. They have a user base of over 13 million members in over 85 countries.
You earn points for completing tasks on the Toluna platform. Surveys are one of the best tasks to earn you a good amount of points. You get invited to complete the surveys through email or you get access to them directly in your Toluna account.

You may be asked to a few questions to qualify for a given survey. Ensure you complete your profile to increase your chances of getting invitations for surveys.
Toluna also offers product testing to its registered members, this is optional, you can apply to test products from the comfort of your home and get paid for providing a feedback.
You get paid via Gift cards or cash through PayPal. A balance of $5 is enough for you to request for a payment.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Where to work online

With the availability of the Internet and a personal computer or a smartphone, you can work from anywhere and generate an income. In fact more and more people are moving away from their traditional 9-5 jobs for the online jobs which are flexible and can earn you unlimited amount of money.
There are several sites that offer online opportunities to help you make some money in your part-time or even take it as full time job.
Let’s look at some of the best sites to work online:

Microworkers offer micro jobs, which if performed per the requirements, you get paid. It simple to join and actually anyone can register on the site.
Once you are on the platform, you are presented with various jobs daily, from which you choose the ones you think you can complete successfully. Note you have to ensure your success rate is above 75% for basic jobs. If you go below this figure, then you won’t be able to perform basic jobs on the platform until the percentage goes back to above 75%.
We also have hired jobs (HG) where you are asked to perform a given job depending on your previous experience doing the same job or performance.
If you are a blogger and active in forums then you can make a reasonable amount of money on this platform otherwise I can’t promise that you can depend on this wholly for your full income but you can use it to supplement your normal income.
where to work online

Complete simple tasks at InstaGC or Swagbucks
Sites like instaGC and Swagbucks provides simple ways to make money online. Just with your smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or PC you can watch short videos, complete surveys, test apps, browse the Internet and get rewarded points. You can then redeem these points for Gift cards or Cash.  

Become a social media Evaluator at Appen
Appen offers work for people who are very active on the social media networks. As a social media evaluator, you are tasked with providing a feedback on social media news feed, search results, advertisements etc. This helps companies like Facebook, Google etc. make informed decision on key parameters for better results.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk
Mturk works in similar way to Microworkers site. You complete simple tasks (HITS), and earn money online. Most of these tasks don’t require special skills, meaning anyone can join the platform, and earn some cash in spare time. Some of the tasks you can perform on this platform include: Surveys, Short transcriptions, Google search descriptions etc.

Bloggers are getting paid to blog for this site.

Work at Fiverr
Fiverr provides a great platform to use your skills to perform tasks. Simply join the platform, build your profile, and start looking for tasks that fits your profile/skill set or ones you can complete successfully. These tasks range from writing, proofreading, SEO, etc. So you will definitely find something you can do.

Friday, September 14, 2018

How to Succeed online doing Surveys

Surveys are a good way of making extra money in your free time by sharing your opinions on a given subject or product. Although I won’t advice you to quit your day job for surveys, you can make enough money with surveys to cover some of your basic expenses.
To find surveys to sign up, do a simple research online, or ask for recommendations for the best or reputable survey sites from people already earning income from them.
As soon as you come up with a list of best survey sites, sign up for as many as possible. The availability of surveys isn’t constant, so to keep yourself busy, you can have different sites availing surveys at different times.
How to succed online doing surveys

The trick to qualifying for surveys is being honest and consistent in the answer you provide. Don’t ignore simple surveys even if they are low paying. You can use them to build your profile and credibility which enables you to qualify for many more better and well-paying surveys.
Most surveys are very competitive, which means once they are available; they are availed to the people who are ready to complete them. If you delay, you will find that they aren't available. To ensure, you don’t miss out on surveys, check your emails frequently for new ones.

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Ensure you complete each of the surveys you participate in. Fill in the required information till the last stage to avoid missing your payment.
Lastly, most survey sites use PayPal payment method, so sign up with them to ensure timely payments.

Where to make money online Testing Websites

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